"Being Love"

"Estar Enamorado"

Poetry of Love in English and Spanish
Jay Ross


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Some comments about
"Being Love" "Estar Enamorado"

I am truly impressed by the beauty and quality of what you have done.
I cannot say I have a favorite which speaks I think to the consistently high level of achievement.
--Keith Rose, Artist, Charlotte NC

Cynics beware! Being Love (Estar Enamorado--each poem is presented in both Spanish and English, a nice touch since, as Bob Dylan said, "Spanish is the loving tongue") is radiant with a higher love. Though these are very clearly love poems, they are more like Rumi than Neruda. Jay finds God through his wife and lover Dabne Rose. "With her sweet lips, I have been kissed by God...." If you've forgotten (poor soul) what it's like to be in that "Sacred Space" that is Being Love, Jay can remind you. He evokes Love at its most transcendent. Thank God I'm in that Sacred Space myself now, too, or it would have left me aching.

--Guy K. Ames, award-winning song writer for the band Strange Heroes."

The sense of Love that emanates from your poetry is as deep and profound as I imagine the Original Love.
It inspires me to a richer appreciation/interaction to my own existence.
Your voice brightens the world. --dabne rose, Muralist, Fayetteville AR

Jay Ross writes from a place where "we" eclipses "I."

Sufi mystics say "God is love, lover, and beloved." Jay's poems spring from a very personal, sensual experience of this wondrous union and fusion. Here, he celebrates the sudden, unexpected arrival of deep passion at midlife, in the form of a woman who embodies for him love and life itself. It's wonderful the way he makes these poems accessible to as many people as possible, by including a Spanish translation of each.

--Geoffrey Oelsner
author, Native Joy: poems songs visions dreams

Wonderful, HIGH book, Jay. I will treasure it.
It's all truly a wonderful work of love. Congratulations!

“Great Work”
Sheila Tucker Siloam Springs AR


Tus poesías están escritas en un lenguaje universal, el lenguaje del amor.
¿Cómo te puedes equivocar cuando hablas de amar?

Your poetry is written in a universal language, the language of love.
How can you go wrong when you talk about love?
I will definitely share this loving book with the friends I love.

Definitivamente compartiré este libro amoroso con mis amigos amados.

Tu brother, your hermano

Al “Papa Rap” López

-- Multi-cultural Liason,
First Place winner John Lennon Song Writing Competition

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Letter from Jay
Reflections on Love
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